Why Florida?

Because it's awesome of course! Florida has so incredibly much to offer. Most people when asked will be able to tell you at least one thing they know about Florida without ever having visited and they have a lot to choose from too. Just consider Miami, Orlando, Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Florida Keys and Key West to name but a few. Florida is on many a ‘Dream Vacation List’.

As the southeasternmost U.S. state it has hundreds of miles of beaches with the Atlantic to one side and the Gulf of Mexico to the other. From the world-famous theme parks in Orlando to the upscale resorts of South Beach to Latin-American influences in Miami there is something for everyone to enjoy in Florida and then there is the weather. It’s called The Sunshine State for a reason!

So, whilst you dream of sun-drenched beaches, glorious palm trees and balmy evenings here are some links that may interest you when planning your dream vacation to Florida and remember to get some of those summer fashion essentials right here at Florida Mode before you leave!

Love to all

Manuela x